Sunday, March 31, 2002

let's go terrapins, let's go, whoo whoo

death is feared not in the pauses and lonely moments but when the store is crowded with people, strollers, and movement. they are animals. and alas, i must be too. the exciting varieties of potato chips will not be eaten by us, but by people i do not even know with strong hearts and even stronger dicks. and goddamn, i want to eat chips forever.

jamie was home for so short a time - i saw her for a couple hours last night before she went to bed and then vamoosh, i wish she could have stayed longer. i had to work yesterday and today and she left this afternoon while i was at work, grinding my teeth, making a shit list of all the customers who were evil enough to support a business open on easter, making it profitable for mister gary cha to force me to come to work, and to not be able to hang out with my sister.

solidarity. workers are supposed to unite you stupid bourgeois motherfuckers.

a customer who i thought was hitting on me before made it obvious today. when we were done talking/ringing up his groceries, he asked me what my name was. i told him. he then said, "matthew," assuming that i also wanted to know what his name was. he winked at me as he was walking out the door. but i didn't want to know matthew's name. i didn't want to tell him mine.

and if we (you and i - not me and matthew, dear god no!) saw each other often, would you sleep with me? i think that may be all i really want. classic rock love songs on the way home from work, for some reason sounding not cheesy at all. but lovely lovely lovely. and the rest is up to you. you - you stupid motherfucker.

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