Sunday, March 17, 2002

scuba diving in backyard pools

catherine who? what is her last name? john did not know. but he did know that she went to new college and that she applied for a job at yes. what did she look like? he did not know. i'm going to try to find out who this catherine girl is tomorrow when gary is there. i really hope it is not that anna-maria and catherine catherine.

today i was sneezing nonstop because of this spastic weather where it was t-shirt and flip flop weather two days ago, but cold, wet winter coat weather today.

i am so tired. i have been tired since i woke up at eight and tomorrow i have to wake up at seven. and i'm looking forward to tuesday when i will sleep in until a just plain gross hour like two or three.

i have a video from blockbuster that was due last monday before noon. i am going to have late fines like a motherfucker. i wonder if i can just create a new account. and i'm not returning the movie tomorrow morning either. it's wild at heart and if i am going to have to pay a million dollars in late fines for a movie, i goddamn well better have watched the fucking movie. too tired tonight to tackle that. whoo for alliteration.

my name is not benjamin, but:


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