Sunday, May 19, 2002

blank tapes

In an unbelievable turn of events, Amelie has died. The stolen video which caused so much drama for me at Blockbuster is broken before I got to watch it even once. My sister watched it sometime yesterday. That is what happened to it. My sister is a gorilla in the china closet. She doesn't mean to, but she always breaks everything. Scratches CDs, breaks headphones, crashes cars, breaks dishes all the time, spills stuff, uses up every single bathroom product within days of coming back home, and now she has somehow managed to destroy a brand new fucking video tape. The fucking video tape, Tommy? The fucking video tape!

After SNL tonight, I thought I would settle into loveliness and watch Amelie. I stick the video in the VCR but it doesn't play - it just ejects it. I try again. But it just ejects it again. And again. I try rewinding it. Doesn't work. Fast forwarding it. Also does not work. I then look at the tape and see that the ribbon is all funky in one part. I thought I could fix this by just pulling the ribbon out. Well, appearantly this is not the way to go about such things, because I ended up ripping the ribbon in half and now the stupid video will never play. And there is something entirely too emblematic about this whole thing.


William called me this afternoon to get me to try to do something with him. I really didn't want to since I'm leaving next Monday and really don't see the fucking point, and do not feel like spending my few days left here with people that I don't even like that much. There are too many people I like that I need to see again before I leave. But of course, "what howls restrained by decorum," I civilly made up some nice excuse about how it was a rainy day and I just felt like kicking it in my pjs and packing up since my mom is moving. But the dumb boy would not accept this answer and kept on persisting - asking if he could come help me pack - if I wanted to come over to his house and watch a movie - and on and on, with me telling him the same thing over and over again for at least ten minutes, no fucking joke. I was looking for any escape to get off the phone with him, but just as I would try to bring the conversation to some finality, he would again propose some new suggestion. It was so weird for numerous reasons. One among them being that I felt in the wrong position - never having to be in the postition before to turn someone down - normally I am the turned down and so it just felt so weird. And besides that, he was being fucking scary about it. The second I got off the phone with him, I called Sarah before he would have a chance to, so that I could talk to her about how weird it was. I then talked to her for too long about it, complaining about what a nutcase that boy is. And then I got off the phone with her and saw that there was a message on the voicemail. And it was Rebecca! And I was so fucking pissed that I spent all that time on the phone with William because I could have talked to Rebecca and she left like a three minute message but of course failed to leave a number where I could call her back, and it didn't show up on the caller ID since I was on the phone with that stupid boy.

Oh, tomorrow I may further add to my reputation as the Worst Worker Ever. I still have not told Blockbuster that I am quitting and they only have me on the schedule for ten hours this week, three of them tomorrow. I really am thinking about calling in the morning and just quitting since ten hours seems worthless to me and I really don't feel like working there for one more second. The only thing that is holding me back is the free videos. I really want to get the five free rentals for next week, which I won't be able to do if I quit tomorrow. The difficult decisions retail workers are faced with.

Tonight, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a four pack of 120 minute cassettes and stole the new Moby CD, which I listened to in Borders yesterday and loved. Even though I feel the urge to kick in Moby's bald head every time I see the little media whore in his clunky glasses talking all soft to whomever, I really do love his albums. It's so disconcerting though to hear the songs on every commercial, but yeah - I really enjoy the album a lot. And the blank tapes are going to be made into good ol' fashioned road trip mixtapes for the long drive from Atlanta to Madison that will happen in t-minus eight days.

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