Thursday, May 2, 2002

I called Bonnie to let her know that I listed her as a personal reference as my landlord.

Today, I carried a card in my pocket - a card that I made this morning - that said, "This is your toupee - CONFIDENCE - extra set of balls."

Don't ask me why. I am weird - that's why - and was very inspired by the confidence George had on Seinfeld when he wore a toupee, so I thought that I would just pretend I was wearing one. And maybe because of the card, or maybe because it's just a shitty job that will hire any sixteen year old, I got a job working at Blockbuster. I am supposed to start on Saturday.

In other news, I was told not to try on clothes from the kids section at Wal-Mart by a Wal-Mart employee who was very shocked that I was trying on little boy shirts. I did anyways, to confused stares from her and another employee who joined her for the show. I can do whatever I want - I am wearing a toupee.

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