Wednesday, May 29, 2002


Good lord, I try to not be one of those people that updates ten times a day with nothing new to say, but yet hear I go: I am in the library again, because Bonnie needed to come to finish a paper which she realizes now that she can't do, and so I have time to kill and will tell all you lucky readers about a boy named Joel.

Joel is from Wisconsin. He is in the Agriculture school like many people living in our house. Bonnie and I, were sitting on the couch in our room with the door open eating chips and salsa, when Joel (the star of this episode) sort of stood in our doorway with a huge goofy grin, staring at Bonnie, and making conversation with the two of us. This was weird because no one in this house so far, seems to be a big fan of interacting with each other, rather just staying in their rooms. It was even weirder because he was not talking for periods of time and just grinning like mad. And okay, Joel is hot. Red hot. As has already been mentioned, Joel is from Wisconsin, and so has the best Wisconsin accent in the world.

I asked him if he was a farmer boy. Bonnie later told me that this was slightly uncouth. He, however, said he was. That he was a dairy farmer. He was flirting with Bonnie so much and I was so in love with this boy. Joel. He's damn cute. Here's a little tidbit that Bonnie and I have discovered these past couple days: Wisconsin boys are the hottest boys in the USA. Perhaps this can be a Grain Silos song, a sort of remake of California Girls. Joel stood in our room, looking at our bookshelf while we were talking to him. Bonnie, later said, after he had left that perhaps our books revealed too much about our characters. She said this because he asked her if she was a vegetarian, I guess after seeing all her vegan cookbooks. After Bonnie made this comment, we looked at the books, and saw "History of Gay Literature," "Tripping" (some book about acid), gay photo books, Bonnie's books about adolescent sex, "X Rated Wines," etc. etc. But, Joel didn't seem to think less of us - he kept on smiling goofily until Bonnie said "It was nice meeting you," and as he left our room. He loved to smile, and God, what a cute smile. Bonnie is not so enamoured with this boy even though she very much should be, so she could smooch him, and I could get my kicks with Joel vicariously through her.

And the library is closing soon, which is good, so I end this little bit of nonsense that I really should not even post. Thankfully, this means I will not be able to post anymore silly posts, since we still have not figured out how to connect to the internet in our room.

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