Wednesday, May 29, 2002

cheese and alcohol - oh yeah, do we love Wisconsin

Wisconisin. I have made it unscratched. I got here in good ol' Madison sometime around four yesterday afternoon. Drove up with Bonnie from Atlanta - Bonnie almost killed us on the curves of North Georgia roads, we saw Nashville, glanced at the Grand Ol' Opry, decided it was not that grand, and then continued on our little road trip until we got to Marion, Illinois, where we rested for the night for the low low price of only 29.95 at the finest lodging establishment this side of the Mississippi, the Marion Motel. Drunken card games, bad movies on HBO, and even worse programming on the Travel Channel filled our night until at some point, we fell asleep. Not enough hours later, we woke up a little before eight, on our own accord, and headed out for Madison. And thank fucking god, we made it. So don't tell me what didn't fucking make it, says my favorite scene in one of my favorite movies - We fucking made it. We are here - we have arrived. Look out your window, Mikey, it's sunny every fucking day here. It's like Manifest Destiny.

Or maybe like Desinty's Child latest manifestion - that seventiesish little ditty that I heard on the pop station in DC before I left that made me happy happy happy. And wait, did I mention that I am here? That I have in fact made it, as they tend to say? So let me tell you about this place. That I have made it to. There are an insane amount of young people in this town. An insane amount. Seeing hundreds of my peers flowing through streets is something wonderful and yet also somewhat unsettling. For some reason, people in my own age group sort of intimidate me. That is why it is silghtly unsettling. But other than that, it is wonderful wonderful wonderful - knowing the potential that lies in these filled streets - in these boarding houses on these tree lined blocks. I feel as if I am on the edge of something amazing and glorious - like something big is about to happen and I am a part of this fermenting mass of kids in trendy clothes and tough airs, that regardless of that stuff, that silly stuff, that very silly stuff that will all do, that something is alive - that we are - me, you, she, he, all of us - we are going to put our hands to work and do something fantastic. Maybe today we will just rearrange furniture with our hands, and put clothes lying on the floor into drawers - but I can see the potential in all these hands - these young hands - the possibility that they could be on my skin, touching me in whatever way they felt like and which I consented to, touching you, touching us.

And, right now, Bonnie and I are in the computer lab in the school's big library, doing a little diary updating. Today, we sort of went jobhunting. And now we are tired, having just drank some very yummy fresh lemonade sitting in the school's little quad area, watching people pass by, on their way to do great things. The job prospects are not looking so hot for me right now. We went to this call center place that I guess takes messages for people, and applied for jobs, which involved a very tedious computer typing test, and grammer test, and spelling test - oh, and let's not forget the comprehesion test. I do not think I will be getting hired there for far too many reasons. Okay, so I was not in the most alert mode when I did all this, and did not realize that the typing speed test had started, or that what I was looking was the test - I just thought it was some long screen of directions that appeared before the actual test. And so, I read through the whole thing, and then sat and waited for the test to start, for the next screen to appear that would have the actual test. I sat some more, and then I realized that I am grade a sillly and saw the clock in the corner that was already on like two minutes, freaked out and started typing like a mad man. I got a measly 40 WPM. And let's not even talk about the comprehension test - let's just say I did not comprehend what I was supposed to do, and totally didn't do it. I have two applications that I am going to turn in tomorrow. One is from some pizza/bakery place on State Street and the other one is for a porn store also on State Street. After this, we are going to go to Whole Foods to see if they are hiring.

The house: It is not what Bonnie and I expected. Not a co-op by any stretch of the imagination, rather a weird frat-house sort of thing for agriculture students. There was a Hog Farmer's Weekly in our room. Yes folks, there really is such a magazine. But, I really love the house - our room has scary bunked beds that seem like they will collapse at any moment, green shag carpet, too many of Bonnie's clothes, and two window which somehow provide no cooling whatsoever to our room. Just our room. The entire house is cool and comfortable except for our room, which is always just a little too warm.

Um, I think that may be it for Madison updates as of now. Oh wait - cheese curds are the best damned cheese product in the world. And the ag. school is right by our house, and so their our grain silos right by our house and cows and horses, and it looks so weird because it's in the middle of what is a small city. And The Grain Silos is going to be the name of Bonnie and me's band, do you want to join? And there are so many cute boys here that I want to jump on and tackle in the streets. But, of course, as you may know, such things are pretty much not acceptable in most parts of the world. If not all.

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