Saturday, May 4, 2002

it's how neil armstrong felt

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! My mom came home about half an hour ago from her business trip. She has been gone since Thursday and the house has felt so empty without her. I am so so glad she is home.

And today she went to the big book fair in New York with my aunt, who's a book agent, and she came home with bags and bags of advance review copies of so many books. I am so excited to read these. I always feel so privelged holding a book with "Advance Reader's Copy - Not for Sale" printed on it. I probably read these books just because of that little phrase. They make the book feel special. And I always glance at the info on the back to see when the book's publication date is, and the further away it is, the more special I feel - like I am the first man on the moon or something. A lot of the books she brought home are pretty horrid sounding, but I'm real excited about two which I now possess and which I plan to devour in the next couple of days so that I will be super special.

But I'm also excited because I have just been craving a damn good book to read lately. Today, I went to the library and looked for High Fidelity after reading Hunter say it was his favorite book in his diary. Because if it's someone's favorite book, it usually is a pretty good book. Usually. But they didn't have it. The only book they had by him was How to Be Good. So, I decided to check out Breakfast of Champions. Okay, I don't know who likes this book, but I know I have heard so many people go on and on about it, but let me tell you what, I forced myself to finish the first chapter, finding the narration so so obnoxious, before I finally decided that there are some books I just do not need to read, especially asshole books.

And so, right now, I am going to go watch SNL, dream about Jimmy Fallon, and then will start reading one of these books:
Ignorance by Milan Kundera. Publication date: October 2002. or:

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Publication date: September 17, 2002.

All of this makes me really want to go into publishing, the world of free books and free cd's and chocolates advertising some company, and it all just seems so fun.

ps - Right now, I am listening to this Hafiz new agey CD and I really like the poetry but it sounds so silly recited over all this yoga music and chanting. "If you have ever made wanton love with God, then you have ingited that brilliant light inside that every person needs, so spill the oil."

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