Thursday, May 23, 2002

Prince wants to be the only one you cum for

Sometimes you're motivated to attempt to write something meaningful and other days, you're too tired and not with it to do it, but yet still, on these days, I end up writing something anyways even though nine times out of ten, it is crap. Today is one of those days - where I just feel the sick urge to document what I did today.

Woke up at noonish, lied in bed and masturbated for about an hour. Then took a shower and started to pack up my room. Called Hour Eyes and bitched about this crappy contacts they tried to give me. Talked to no joke, three different people before talking to the store manager who was a lot more helpful and told me to come in tomorrow and switch them, but doubtless there will be problems and more arguing with these twelve year olds in labcoats when I go in there. Tonight, I met Rebecca at Eastern Market and we walked to the Library of Congress, where we watched Johnny Guitar, this crazy 50sish western, with two out of control women as the main people instead of men. Emma was nutso and out for blood and it was so good. The dialogue is so good and so not what I thought a 1954 movie could do - but wow, wow, wow - some of those lines are just too good to be true. The movie is basically a flim verson of Susan Faludi's Stiffed, showing an emasculated American male that doesn't really know what his place is in a world where women also have power. The female characters in this movie are so kick-ass - damn, it was such a good movie. The movie was the best movie I have seen in the past couple weeks, and that is saying a lot, since working at Blockbuster, I watched so many movies. And then I came home, ate some Taco Bell, watched Seinfeld, and am now about to masturbate and go to bed. The circle of life as our friend Simba would say.

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