Friday, May 17, 2002

she called it a freakin psychopath farm and said she's quittin real soon

After work today, I came home and collapsed into the couch. I don't know why, but I so could not stand on my feet after working a measly four hours. I never felt like getting up from the couch, and I really didn't get up until just now, but this is only because I am soon about to go enter my bed. I think the problem was that I ate way too much food in too short a time. I got some Taco Bell on the way home and sat on the couch eating it, watching a Seinfeld rerun. I was then about to watch a movie, but my sister wanted to watch Rachel's baby on Friends. And then my mom came home with pizza for me, which I felt obliged to eat. My belly was getting heavier and heavier and sinking deeper into the worn couch cushions, planting roots, making it near impossible for me to move. Due to my tired paralysis and also because I secretly do sort of like Friends, I watched it and truth be told it was not half bad, it was pretty exciting and it had one of those good season finales endings where you wonder what's going to happen next sesason. Sort of like the Who Shot Mr. Burns thing, but more like Who's Going to Marry Rachel.

Then I watched the news for a while about Bush's foreknowledge of 9/11, which is only making me into more of a conspiracy nut. I had already believed that the US had involvement in it, but this just is making me believe so anymore. It promises to be really intersting news for at least the next couple of days, at least until news programmers decide to switch back to Robert Blake coverage or some bullshit. And fuck, is it to much to ask to ask to have competent elected officials in this country? The whole thing seems so shady - something is obviously going in this government - something not good.

Then I watched two movies. Hey, I already said that I was a big time couch potato tonight, so just shut-up, and I'm working at Blockbuster, I need to take advantage of these free movies. So first I watched The Big Lebowski which was tremendously entertaining. And that first dream sequence where he is flying through the sky and then drops to earth as a bowling ball and etc, was so so kickass. I watched that scene about three times, feeling like that scene was my thoughts on death - that if I had to say what I thought happened when we died, I would play that scene. Matter and energy switching from one form to another, and it felt so good to watch it - everything was going to be a okay.

And then I watched Belly, which was totally different but also totally awesome. It's a Hype Williams movie and it is just as crisply shot as his music videos. The cinematography is beyond awesome, just gosh-wow, and a wonderful soundtrack to boot. However the movie takes this pro-Nation of Islam stand at the end of the movie, which is all well and good (actually it's fucking wondeful, I am becoming more and more in love with Islam), but it done in a way that becomes just a little too self-righteous. And the Garvey back to Africa ending also seems a little silly. I mean Africa's a pretty huge continent but Nas' character just keeps saying how they are "going to go to Africa." But, whatever, the awesome shots totatlly redeem the movie. And the movie, unlike any Coen's Brothers movie actually had people of color in it. What, you mean that major urban areas are not 98% white? Why yes, Joel and Ethan that is exactly what I am trying to say. Your movie takes place in LA for fucking god sakes. The film is an Aryan nightmare. And some people say that there is no white-normative culture. Fucking take a look at the movies, all of them are like this. The struggle continues.


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