Friday, May 3, 2002

"I'd move to Canda, I'd move to Timbuctoo, anywhere, I wouldn't go."

My right contact is blurring up and driving me crazy, and very shortly, I will go upstairs, take it out, consume large amounts of Cab that I yanked from Giant, read some more from the Whitman bio I am reading, and then fall into my pillow, into heaven, into dreams of you and me and two other people masturbating on a revolving thing-a-ma-jig.

Seriously, I normally don't have sexual dreams, but last night, whoa, it was out of control. Today, Sarah told me about some dream she had last night and I was bored silly listening to it. I don't want to hear about your dream. No matter how exciting you may think your dream was, guess what, it never ever sounds that interesting to whoever you are telling it to. But yeah, so skip this paragraph. No, I can't tell who it was. But me, two boys who I can't remember and a former female roommate were all masturbating on this rotating circular thing, like luggage pickup thing, and appearantly we were all supposed to cum before the end of the song. I didn't realize this, but after everyone came and the song ended, I realized what the plan was, and came right after the song had ended. And then I guess some boy who didn't fit on the spinny thing the first time, took a turn. It was such a weird dream. I also had one about Andrew that I don't even remember. Last night, I was on the loose with O.O.C. dreams.

Today, I went to this art opening that Sarah had some photos in, and I played with her little brother and sister making farting noises with our armpits and kneecaps, and burping on command, and generally causing all sorts of embarrassment to Sarah and her parents. It was so fun. Then I hung out with Vince and Sarah. And I have a big friend crush on Vince now, where I really want to be good friends with him, he seems so rad. He's been to this bathhouse that I was thinking about applying to work at, twice, and he gave me a detailed story about the sordid goings on of such a place.

I am a sitcom character and love catchphrases. "Bobo" was my favorite forever. There was "O.O.C.", "I feel like.." and far too many others that I wore out. My new catchphrase for this season is "sha-zam!" Yeah Goober!!! I'm also working on trying to say "making whopee" more often.

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