Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I woke up this morning, rolled over on my stomach, bleary-eyed to look out my window and see the day, to greet the world, and honestly thought This cannot be happening, this cannot be for real. But the grogginess quickly were off and I realized that yes, it - this - is for real. It was snowing and hard. That was at ten this morning. It is nearing six o'clock and it is still snowing. Yesterday, I ate my lunch outside in the temperate weather, wearing only a blazer, and thought about how happy I was that spring was here - that I could finally kiss winter good-bye and could start to live joyfully outdoors. This is some bullshit and I should not be the least bit surprised. But I still am. I went to the bank today, cursing the snow blowing on my face the whole way there. I don't know what has happened to either of my winter caps. I had three pairs of gloves. I was able to find one single glove. Fuck this shit. I called in sick to work today. This must have been the last sick day available to me. Hopefully, I will not actually really get sick anytime this year and need those sick days.

I still have not recieved my tax information from Best Western after calling them way too many times. I have spent my day, thinking of songs I want to hear and downloading them. The first two from here, the rest from SoulSeek.

Jaymay - Hammock
Jaymay - Letter
Cee-Lo - All Day Love Affair
Beyonce - Me, Myself, and I
Gravy Train - Hella Nervous
Lionel Richie - Easy (like Sunday Morning)
The Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love
Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
Beach Boys - God Only Knows
Kelis - Milkshake
Monkees - Daydream Believer

And god, if I have not listened to that Cee-Lo song a million times already. It's such pretty r and b. I am trying to ignore the snow the second best way I know how. Tonight, I am going to ignore it the best way I know how: by getting shit-faced drunk with Matt and Kevin in what they are referring to as Boys Night Out. Open bar at Phoenix for two hours and free drinks for undressing at R Bar are on the agenda, and I am trying to add bears night at Nowhere to the agenda also. Turn up that music and fuck this shit.

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