Sunday, March 21, 2004

Yesterday in the mail, I recieved copies of all my New College course evaluations. I got hold of them so that this time if Hunter says they want to see them, I will be able to produce them, voila. Yesterday, however, I did not look through them. I was too busy. I had to run to work when I saw the huge envelope dropped in the hallway, and then when I returned from work, I had to start drinking with Peter and Joe. We then went out to the Slide to see the Isotoners where the cover was ten dollars and not five as had been advertised. We all wavered in the doorway, reassesing how much we wanted to see the Isotoners now that the price was going to be double what he had wanted to pay. We eventually said fuck it, I think because it was raining, and because we wanted to do something, and then would have had to think of something else to do on a Saturday night in Manhattan (hell, I tell you - going out on weekends is for losers) that would not have been prohibitively expensive. It also probably was because we were drunk off forties and willing to do these things. It is also because we have been wanting to see the Isotoners perform for a long time. Jimmy, the bartender from the Phoenix is in it, as is Clint, the bartender from Nowhere. They, and the other two members are cute short, stocky homos with soft voices.

The three of us were standing around upstairs, waiting for the show to start. Joe went downstairs to pee in the hottest gay bathroom ever. [Sidenote to explain this bathroom: It is a trough that you pee into, about three people can fit up to the trough - and then there is an open set of windows in front of it which look out into a room where there is a naked go-go dancer having his hard-on played with by random bar patrons. A fun thing to look at any time, even more fun when you are peeing.] So Joe ran off to that bathroom to pee. I decided I had to pee also but went to the close bathroom upstairs, leaving Peter by himself for a minute. I came back from the bathroom and Joe is still nowhere to be seen. I did not see Peter either, so I stood by the stage where we had been standing and waited for the Istoners. Eventually, I spied Peter making out with some hot boy in a corner. Going to bars with gay boys is so funny because when you go to a non gay bar, or even a gay bar with non gay males, you tend to usually stick with the people you came with, hang out and talk throughout the night, but man, homos scatter so quickly, talking to any other homo they can, trying to get them to make out with them, and when you are not in the same mood, you will find yourself standing around alone hoping that those boys quit hitting on each other so you can talk to your friend(s). Eventually Peter came back over and joined me. The boy followed him. We all watched the Isotoners sans Joe. They were so good. Their first song, "Subway Love" is about doing it on the L train. Yeah, L train! With silly lines like, "Yeah, I knew you were headed to the L train - I could tell by your hair." And then a chorus of raunchy lyrics sang really nicely. Jimmy has such a nice singing voice. I was really surprised. Throughout the show, I kept secretly telling Peter how hot the boy was and how he should go with him. Peter kept saying No - that he definitely did not want to go home with anyone. The show ended. I talked to Jimmy, got the set list, then saw Peter and the boy he "did not want to go home with" (ha!) making out again. Joe was still nowhere to be found. I scanned through the bar again in search, did not find him, and then left, tired as all hell - and hungry.

Grabbed some food, got to the train, fell asleep waiting for it, fell asleep riding it, and luckily knew when to wake up, woke up, stumbled home and passed out in my bed. This morning I woke up in that bed, saw the envelope from New College next to it and started to read through all my old evaluations, and realized that I was a horrible, horrible student. A few really nice people would ask me, shocked, how I got kicked out of school, telling me or implying that they considered me intelligent. And this was always nice to hear, and always nice to think, Fuck New College, they are just stupid. But honestly, I was a horrible student and I am surprised I did not get kicked out earlier. Every evaluation has all these slight stinging remarks, some of them not so slight. "The report was a disaster." And that is just the one I remember enough to quote. So many of these. I like to think that I have matured a lot since those early years at NC, that I am more intelligent now, would not write such horrible things, would take things more seriously. I do believe this, honestly. Right now, I would like nothing better than to be an academic environment. Hopefully, that will occur this fall.

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