Monday, March 22, 2004

The sky looks so deceptively nice from in here, from the warm side of the windows, but I have read the weather, know that it is 27 degrees and really do not want to leave the house, but I called in sick yesterday, and there is no way that I can still have any sick days left. I spent a sexless night with Matt last night and it was nice. It was the first time we slept together without having sex, and this was because he had to wake up at seven something, but it still is nice that he wanted to spend the night anyways. That in fact makes me really happy.

I did a writing experiment yesterday that I am happy with, or at least more happy than with previous efforts. I will talk about more about my efforts at some future date when more experimenting has been done and when I do not have to leave for work.

This week promises some fun as it progresses. Niki is going to be staying with me this weekend. Arianna will also be here visiting Dara, as might Ena. It will be a crowded little house. PKDB (!?) will be in town and wants to hang out with me. Friday there is Tracy and the Plastics. That night, there is also the Fiery Furnaces who I had been wanting to see but will probably not end up getting to see now with all these people in town, but maybe. I am also going to the doctor on Friday and am oddly excited about this. Saturday, Dara's band will be making their debut, and then there is Sterling's b-day. And Matt sounded interested in all of these last night when I talked to him, so of course, there is also his company to look forward to. I have not looked so forward to a weekend in so long. I am counting down these days at work, and yeah, let's all sing it together, because we are all in the same boat, doing lame things with our precious time so we can do amazing things with the rest of our time: Everybody's working for the weekend. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and the crowd goes wild, and screams the chorus because it is too fucking true, and to say it in any other way besides a rocking song you can jump around to would be too depressing, would break all of our hearts, and so just keep singing.

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