Tuesday, March 2, 2004

black beans, cilantro, onions, corn, yum

Last night was spent with Matt and his roommates, Kevin and Sasha, drinking forties and giving each other haircuts in his enormous bathroom which is probably about four times the size of my bedroom. Then listening to Spacehog because Matt seems to have a soft spot for the alt rock of that era, I made out with him, did other things, felt the press of his flesh to mine, and eventually fell asleep for a few hours in his bed, in his arms, happy as I may get in this world.

I woke up early this morning around eight with the sun glaring through his window, and the sound of birds, people, and traffic starting to go about their day. I kissed him goodbye and started to go about mine also. I have cast a vote for Denis Kucinich, applied to Hunter, paid some bills, bought some fruit and ate it. And now what will this day bring forth?

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