Friday, March 12, 2004

The talk last night on John Waters was pretty good, although it was disappointing that AM Homes left about fifteen minutes into the talk to rush off to teach a class since she was the reason I went to the event. The moderator asked her if it was hard to sustain being a provocateur, which was a nice question in light of both Homes' and Waters' work. She responded by saying that she did not set out to be provocative, that when she wrote something that was not, is not, her intention. She then talked about how humanist Waters' work is, especially when set next to Warhol's, who she saw with a similar set of concerns in his work. It was pretty shocking to see Homes in the flesh. I envisioned someone else entirelly. She looked like one of my high school English teachers, nice, non-threatening, and slightly portly.

Jim Hoberman, however, being the film critic that he is, was able to provide the most insightful comments of the evening, referring to Waters as a prophet who was doing stuff thirty years ago that predicted the current cultural climate and its fascination with celebrity, sensastionalism, and depravity. Making a comment about how the Farrelley brothers were still running around in diapers while Waters was making his early stuff. Then he expanded upon the earlier discussion of how difficult it is to sustain being a provocateur, and that Waters' later stuff isn't as good as his early stuff.

After the talk, I said good-bye to Peter and met up with Matt for dinner at Dojo, where I had a nice cheeseburger in pita bread and talked with Matt about dating and interior decorating shows amongst other things. It was nice to sit across from him and have an excuse to look at his face for a long period of time, resting my head against the wall, listening to him talk, and there was no rush to do anything, no rush to get up and leave. And I have not sat leisurely in a non-bar setting in a long time with someone else, and man, it is a really nice feeling. Then he went to go do some work and I went home and then eventually went out to Metropolitian with Joe. Was there for a couple hours and then Matt met me there, a couple more beers in my system, and then we walked to my house so I could take out my contacts and someone, some male, made some patronizing comment that we ignored. I took out my contacts and we walked the couple blocks to his house, where some other male whistled at us because we are homos going home together or something stupid. And then we were in his bed, exchanging handjobs, blowjobs, and kisses before cumming and collapsing into his sheets where I slept until early this morning.

Today, I deposited my paycheck, drank coffee, went grocery shopping, and am now going to check out the Whitney Biennial.

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