Monday, March 15, 2004

Lying pressed against each other with the semen still wet on our bodies, Matt said I reminded him of his mother. It seemed like an odd comment to make, and an even odder time to make it, but he then elaborated saying that his mom got worked up about things too. I "got worked up" about how ET (yes, Entertainment Tonight - shh!) discussed the Kobe rape case, which led to me getting worked up about Bonnie Fuller and last week's Globe cover with a photograph of the accuser dancing with a boy at a club as evidence of her sluttiness, or something so similarly horrible that it makes you want to hop on top of a counter, start ripping tabloids to shreds in a crazed supermarket frenzy, and leading an insurrection.

Matt, Kevin, and I drank forties and watched scary ten year old girls from Star Search belt out tunes that seemed really age-inappropriate. These songs about love expressing a world-weariness were sang with such conviction and earnestness that it made me sad to realize how easy it is to fake such a thing - how even when old people sing these songs, they, like these little girls, could be faking it, and not expressing a sincere feeling. We then watched Harry Potter with an alternate soundtrack that Kevin brought home from the NYUFF. And then silly music videos and yes, ET.

Matt's comments that I am good-hearted and concerned with righting wrongs is a comment I occasionally get that sort of forces me to step back and examine my behaviour. I was doing so this morning and wondering why I have this sense of social justice and experience moral outrage when it is not met, and it is totally derived from my time in church. Perhaps this is why I remind Matt of his mother. I am not sure. The comment was funny though. And I followed it with another non sequitur and told him I wanted to have anal sex with him. Then there was his huff of surprised laughter that I adore, and that seems to happen a lot in our conversations. He will say while laughing: No, no, Yeah, totally. Or something like that with a grin and shaking his head, and I love it. I do.

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