Friday, March 26, 2004

Niki arrived here last night around eleven. It was really nice to see this familiar face again in my apartment. We talked and downed some Milwaukee's Best, before going across the street to the insanely nice, insanely out of place apartment building that Trent lives in, and that Matt and Kevin were hanging out in. Matt met us as we were ascending the stairs and he had that look that people have when they are on drugs, far away eyes, clenched jaw, just a little scary looking. It was sort of odd to encounter him so fucked up while still relatively sober. The three of us then did some coke in an empty apartment, because as I said this complex is insanely out of place, and insanely expensive, and even though there are probably about twenty aparments in this building, Trent may very well be the only tenant. Matt is supposedly going to get a key so that we can hang out at Trent's nice pad since he is appearantly never there, which would be so cool. Cable!

We hung out in Trent's apartment, did more lines, talked about crap, drank some of Trent's Moet. The fact that this boy, that this space is right across the street from my dilapadated apartment is really funny to me. We then made our way to Metropolitian where we met up with PKDB, which was really funny, to encounter this New College person at my local homo bar. I drank countless beers, talked to many random people, and was there with Matt and Niki until they closed. The three of us went back to my apartment in the nice breezy SPRING weather. And is the sex that I have with Matt when we are both messed up more hot because I am too wasted to tell the difference, or is it really that much hotter, maybe less inhibitions, more wild. I don't know, but last night was nice. Matt is still passed out in my bed. I am about to go run some errands before going to see Tracey and the Plastics. And it's so nice out! God, this weather!

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