Friday, March 5, 2004

It is no secret. Many of you know this from personal experience with me. But I have no self-control when I am drunk, and tend to get a little boy crazy. So yeah, last night, I went to galleries with Christy, Matt, and Kevin, and please don't ask me about the art - I couldn't even begin to tell you about anything I saw. I don't really recall seeing anything besides a surreal country duo playing in a cheesy gallery full of vaginal art. It felt like a weird parallel universe I had stepped into, and I ran from there pretty quickly. Then there was a series of what I thought were cool distorted images of vixens. That gallery was serving orange martinis. I had a couple and was done for the night with the art.

There were more galleries, more booze, and then Krispy Kreme where I got free doughnuts by asking for them, flirted out of control with Kevin whenever Matt was away, and then yanked a bunch of doughnuts off a tray with Kevin, and then for some reason loittered in front of the crime scene with the goods. A few minutes later some grumpy manager came out, following the pointing finger of some employee, saying "It was them." He yelled at us about the doughnuts, asking what happened, that those cost money for him, and Kevin with a bag of doughnuts in his hand said blankly, "It was our friend Jimmy." For some reason, this satisfied this guy and he gruffed about how we need to tell Jimmy that if he comes around again, he'll kick his ass and have him arrested.

Then riding to Kevin and Matt's with some people collected from the galleries, more booze and everyone talking in Kevin's room. More indiscrete flirting with Kevin. And eventually most people left and Kevin kicked Matt and I out of his bed. The two of us played with each others cocks, with each others sensitive skin, and afterwards lying next to him in silence, Matt said, "Charlie?" I said, "Yeah?" and waited tensely for what the question would be, thinking that it would be some comment or question about the sex just engaged in, or future sex to be engaged in, but instead, "What's going on with you and Kevin?" I was taken by surprise because it was not the question I was expecting, but also because I did not think Matt was around when Kevin and I exchanged gropes. So I choked on words for a while before saying, "Nothing, um, I have been hitting on him all night though, which makes me a horrible person." And Matt said that he was not jealous, that it was okay if I wanted to make out with Kevin, and he sort of grudgingly encouraged me to do so if I wanted. But I am not sure it is okay since they are roommates and best friends, and I think it bothers Matt a little. So, I am going to try to exercise a little more self-control in the future with regards to Kevin, not towards other things. The less self-control the better.

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