Friday, March 26, 2004

Might I add that it is beautiful outside today. I opened the windows in our house last night, not because it is hot out yet, or even really warm, but I am ready to start things rolling. Hopefully, these windows will not go down until late fall. There are buds on the gingko tree that grows outside my window. I look forward to seeing those quirky leaves back outside my window. Today when I was walking around the city, I became aware that spring has a smell, that there are so many scents that cold weather suppresses. The smell of all the hot dog vendors fried food mixes so good with the spring air. I can't identify all the scents in the mix, but man, I can tell you that they smell great, that they make happy.

Also, I picked up the new copy of HX, and while Dara and I did not make it into the mag, a few other people did. If you want a handy visual to accompany this journal, you should pick it up. There is a picture of the Phoenix, the bar that is often mentioned here and its bartenders. You can imagine what my stories might actually look like. You could even cut out the figures and have them interact as I say they do. There is also a photo of Matt and Kevin, also often mentioned in here. And there is a photo of my mostly former obsession, Josh, who is no longer mentioned as frequently in here thanks to the entrance of Matt into this story. So yeah, page 19 of this week's HX is your visual guide to my life until the day I save enough pennies to buy a digital camera. It's cooler this way.

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