Friday, April 15, 2005

annie's set list

Her encore was "Heartbeat."

The night started with drinks at Supreme Trading. They played Annie's "Chewing Gum" as we were leaving and that was a good sign. Then lots of Bacardi downed at Fischerspooner. A brief drumming performance and Casey remembered me and I told him who I was about to go see. Surprisingly, he didn't know who Annie was. Pizza and then Tribeca Grand where our drinking delays served us well. We got there right as the lights were being dimmed and the stage was getting ready. I danced a lot and sang along and Debbie from Avenue D was dancing next to us totally out of control the whole show. We were in the one little pocket of dancing. I think most people were there just to see her New York (US?) debut and stood around. A decent number of people left after her set and did not even wait for her to do her encore of "Heartbeat", which meant I got to get closer to dance and had more fun dancing since it was mainly the dancers and the fans that stayed.

If you go having high expectations, you tend to make the performance good, unless it is totally awful, a sort of willful self-delusion where you overlook lots. So I cannot say if the show was awesome, or if it was just my excitement that made it awesome, but I had a really good time. "The Wedding Song" was so cheesy. Chorus: "Will you marry me? I do. I do. I do." But still lovely pop. "Heartbeat" was awesome because it contained melancholy and that exuberant mania of synth-pop. It somehow managed to hold the both. Such a delicate mix that song and it blew me away and made me feel so many things, sadness for things and happiness for those same things.

PS - I am almost tempted to go Misshapes this week since she is DJing.

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