Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yesterday was a good day. The good things:

I won a game of Scrabble against Diana.
I did another jack off video for that website.
Ran into Karen on the subway.
Fell in love with a boy on the subway.
Met with a cool porn director about work.
Went to the Strand, talked to people I miss, and bought
The Adventures of Augie March.
I later bought some fancy cigarettes.
It was sunny yesterday.

Tell me that is not an awesome day! Today could totally suck and it would not matter one bit because tomorrow is going to be awesome also and so it will be like today didn't even exist, bookended by these two amazing days. And today may even turn out to be awesome as well, in which case, look out. It probably will be since I am so excited about tomorrow and some combination of galleries, Fischerspooner, and Annie. So yeah, look the fuck out, here I come, world!

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