Wednesday, April 6, 2005


It's the one thing that really makes me sad about sex work, the question or the demand, "straight acting?" I berated a person once about it and of course they never wrote me back. I don't understand this notion. What the hell is straight acting? The question just boggles my mind. I am boggled that it is asked, but even more so by the frequency it is asked with, and I will not lie this lie. I will lie other lies for money but this is an ethical issue where I will not continue to eroticize self-hatred. I did at one point. I am past that point in my life and not going to indulge someone else's stupidity and I say No. Ask me if I am bi or straight and I will tell you not that I am gay but something to make you uncomfortable, will tell you I am a faggot, will tell you I like dicks.

Idiot: IF and only if you have a reent face pic
looking for a hottie like you to pin me down and sit on my face and shove my nose in his ass and ride my face like that for an hour...
100 lookig for reg set ups

Me: sounds hot. here's a face pic. let me know.

Idiot: is that what you look like right now
i mean is your hair shorter or longer
are you healthy and str8 acting?
what part fo the city are you in

Me: that pic was taken probably four days ago but i just cut my hair today, it is still bushy on top but shorter on the sides. i am healthy and QUEER acting. williamsburg.

Idiot: ok thansk inot str8 acting dudes--sorry part of the fetish and all but thanks

And I did cut my hair this afternoon. I was dancing around my living room under the pretense of exercising and my hair was making me so hot, so I chopped off the sides and the back, but it is a little too close in style to a faux-hawk and I might have to take out the scissors again. Today is the most beautiful day ever. I said that yesterday, too. But today was even more awesome. I wore a t-shirt, only a t-shirt outside for the first time since some time last year and it felt naughty, perverse, and so good, the wind in contact with the flesh of my forearms.

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