Friday, April 8, 2005

Um, I am going to update tomorrow but if I don't, let me just tell you that I hit on numerous people, was hit on by numerous people, including one guy who introduced himself as "Casey." I said, "Whoah! Casey Spooner?" He said yeah, and I said I was creaming my pants even though I think Fisherspooner is stupid. I ran into Casey again, he introduced me to some guy by name and I was impressed that Casey remembered my name an hour after I had met him. Because I was drunk and stupid (as per the usual when drunk) I asked if he would make out with me because I thought it would be really funny to say I made out with Casey Spooner. He said no, said he was committed, and then pointed out the guy he just introduced me to was his boyfriend. That was so funny. He didn't care at all and I asked him if he was going to his afterparty. He said no, but told me that I would see him next week, assuming that I would be coming again to the last week of his salon. I probably will be so I didn't really care about the assumption, but I asked Casey Spooner to make out with me and that is so hilirous and if you don't understand why, you are a twit.

Niki's opening was full of twits. I didn't stay the whole time. Twit is such a great word. I made it home for The O.C., which was awesome and so good in its Risky Business referencing. No, so fucking good! Then Fisherspooner (sp?), which I stole a whole case of Vitamin Water from, and then I went to Alligater Lounge, ate pizza, and sang a horrible, absoultey horrilbe karoake duet with Niki. Now, I am going to pass out in my bed.

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