Monday, April 4, 2005

This morning, I walked to this guy's house to jack off on video for some internet site. I was jacking off in his shower, the hot water making me real relaxed, the morning grogginess still hanging over me, and so these in junction plus a lack of sex in a while made me so horny. The guy filming me was real hot. He sucked me off for a bit and I saw a giant boner in his pants and told him to take it out. I played with his dick, with his gorgeous chest, and really had too much fun. I came in his shower, onto his hand, got paid, paid my phone bill and bought a movie (The Warriors) and a CD (an Astrud Gilberto compilation). The sun has broken loose from the clouds of the weekend, the sky is so blue right now. It is still bright out thanks to Daylight Savings Time and I feel good. Some days New York has it. Today is one of those. Walking down the streets today, smelling those carnival smells, sharing cigarettes with strangers, I was totally smitten.

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