Friday, April 22, 2005

A few weeks ago, Jamie tried to push me along and tell me I should write things. People tell me this often. I tell myself this often. It is normally only when I see some of my peers doing this that I get really excited, motivated perhaps by some sort of competition to keep up with my peers, and smartly, she told me that Paul was writing, and forwarded me an email he sent her with links to his stuff. It is all at Recharge Magazine, and you can find it by searching his last name. Here are the ones that he sent Jamie links to, and that she in turn sent me links to:

The Brave New World of Teen Marketing

The Sexuality of the Iraq War

And he linked to this one first, an obituary of Hunter S. Thompson, below the link he said this to Jamie who in case you don't understand is a Dylan fanatic, "This guy's death was like Dylan dying for you. So It spawned I think my best piece so far." It is weird reading this obituary again today, seeing parallel readings. They are good and they did inspire, albeit momentarily, me to get serious about writing, about sumbitting to these things. The clouds are starting to come in. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, to pour. Tomorrow, I am going to try with her to catch a train to go the mass way early in the morning.

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