Saturday, April 9, 2005

His apartment was in the West Village. He was a talker. I tend to like these people, the ones who for whatever reason are curious to know about your background, interests, and what you do with yourself. If I am in a hurry or if's it late, I don't really want to chat, but this was in the late afternoon that I was there, he offered me beer. I had some and talked to him before anything happened, still dressed. For some reason, we ended up talking about New York, bookstores closing, people having everything delivered, Fresh Direct and this article that appeared last week in the NY Times about the grocery delivery company. Incredulous, he mocked these people, "'Yeah, I am just too busy to shop for groceries.' Too busy! What are they so busy doing that they can not find ten minutes to shop for food." And I understood what he was talking about, the too busy people, who I don't understand, but whom there are so many of here, people that just don't ever seem to have the time. What they are doing with all of it is a very good question.

The guy undressed me, played with my body, sucked my cock and then we went into his bathtub where I pissed on him. Things then moved to his bed where he sucked me off and I soon was out the door, down the street, headed home. Soon afterward, I went out with Joe to Sin Sin where it was Morrissey night and there was an open bar. We left shortly after the open bar, after dancing to moody British music. There was this guy there in an "Ageing Gracefully" red t-shirt who danced so good. It is sometimes good to go to other scenes, this hodgepodge of Jersey people and lots of scary straight fat people because there was this one boy, this one treasure, and his odd dance moves that I would not have seen at a gay bar. He wore baggy clothes which helped with the effect. It was almost clowish, this jerky sort of up and down movement, mildy robotic that was so graceful and awesome and there is no possible way that I can describe this lanky boy's dance moves. I couldn't even imitate them in person for you. They were that good.

I am continually amazed that spring comes each year. Sometimes I don't think it will. That winter will contiue on, trees will be barren forever, but today, there were some green buds on a couple of the trees on my block, there were daffodils already blooming and each year, it comes, without fail. I sometimes think it won't and am always shocked when I see those first signs of it that life continues in such predictable ways, that things bloom in the spring, always and forever.

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