Thursday, April 14, 2005

In just a few short hours, unless things go terribly wrong, say me getting hit by a car, or there being an insanely long line of people on the guest list and the doorguys closing off the line, I will be seeing and listening to Annie. In a few short minutes, I am going to start the booze train at Supreme Trading where there is some film party with free booze and then that Fischerspooner thing with free booze, and then it will culminate with Annie! I am listening to her now and getting so excited about dancing like a maniac, losing my shit.

I just reread the Pitchfork review of her, which I know I have already linked to once, but it is an amazing piece of writing and so I am linking to it again. Things I read and think are amazing rarely hold up when I reread them months later. For instance, Jerry Saltz. I used to be totally smitten with him, but now think his writing is pretty average and sometimes pretty awful. But this review says lovely things about pop music and it makes me so happy. I am so fucking excited you don't even know. No one better come between me and Annie tonight, otherwise someone is going to be drop kicked.

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