Monday, April 11, 2005

I am now realizing that this is probably because I am not white that I may do some jack off photos for a guy tomorrow posing with a crack pipe. This should probably bother me a lot, but I am broke, and rationalizing it because I have big hair and could pass as a stoner and would be one if I wasn't so broke.

-Hey, whatever happened? I never heard from you again. I still would love to more stuff. Hope to hear from you

-hey charlie. sorry. i've been really busy with some other projects. would you be willing to look like you're smoking out of glass pipe that they use for crystal or crack for one shot? we're doing an irreverant issue about drugs and stuff. let me know.

-sure, no problem. sounds funny.

-ok cool. i might have time to do it tomorrow late afternoon or wednesday. whats good for you?

-either one of those times is fine. tomorrow would be better. but wed is cool also.

-ok cool. let's chat tomorrow. can you call me around 3?

I just finished watching Godard's A Woman is a Woman, and I was mildy bored watching it, just like I was when I watched Sympathy for the Devil. Me and you may be finished from now on at the video store, Jean-Luc.

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