Friday, February 22, 2002


today i dreamed of teaching English in Japan
it sounds like a hip place

my desires to constantly move here and there, japan, wisconsin, ny, fl, etc. are perhaps emerging out of my desire for friends. maybe also for a boyfriend. i think to myself that new city=circle of friends. but i delude myself, i know i'd be just as socially awkward and lonely wherever i went

. and tracy chapman, i can still hear you singing it: "why when there's so many of us, are there people still alone?"

and why are there, tracy? particularly me - why am i still alone?

porn porn random shot of noodles boiling porn porn porn person walking dog porn porn person waiting in line at wal-mart porn porn porn

we're not out to erect monuments, stones, statues, or any other such vainglorious bullshit - we're concerned with the erection of cocks and nipples. the here and now.

thiNGs that I WOulD ReALLY, REALly LiKE To DO:
-learn how to surf
-dip my toes in the motherfucking pacific
-learn how to play the guitar
-go skiing
-play putt putt golf drunk with someone
-to still be living at my old house in Florida

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