Thursday, February 21, 2002

a thousand some marky marks

work was anything but. they had far too many people working, and so it was stand around, talk with co-workers, and pretend to be straightening merchandise time. cho asked me for the millionth time why i don't have a girlfriend. and for the millionth time, i asked him why he didn't. he came from korea a few years ago, and so his english is lacking, and conversations can have a real surreal aspect to them.

cho: so, are there lots of girls at your umm college?
me: uh, yeah. i guess there are lots.
cho: so, why didn't you have a girlfriend? i don't understand. you are tall and handsome, why didn't you get one.
me: i don't know. and, why don't you have a girlfriend?
cho: huh, i don't know, maaan.

and on and on, all day. me finding cho's views on men and women and girlfriends so so funny, and laughing that he thinks every boy should just have a girlfriend.

han, later in the day asked me if i was a mexican. since he is about sixty, and also just mainly speaks korean, i took no offense to this. normally, i would have kicked some ignorant ass, but han's real cool and we talked for a while. and it sort of made me excited that he thought i was "mexican." i get real exicited when someone thinks of me as "a minority" or whatever, or whenever anyone thinks i'm not white. i know that's real lame to get excited about such a thing, but i do.

and then maggie, rebecca, and KIMMY!!! came to visit me at work. i was so excited to see kim. i love kim so much. she just radiates something that makes me smile whenever i am around her.

then after i got off work, i met up with rebecca and we went to the black cat to see la la le tigre. waiting in line outside the club, me and rebecca getting so so excited. her about the band. me about the crowd. i kept on talking to rebecca, pointing out all the cool indie kids in line around us. me getting real scared of all of them. we were crashing the cool kids party. i felt so out of place. rebecca told me how weird it is that i am so terrified of indie kids yet also so in love with them. and rebecca, so together, said something with a couple of dudes, like, "dude, i usually don't like anyone i'm terrified of; dude, usually i hate them."

and we were there, we somehow infiltrated the party. hip indie kids as far as the eye could see. there were only a couple other non-"hipsters" there - some cute, dreaded hippy boys. we saw bluebird, who graduated last year, and she's so weird and talked forever to us (but really to rebecca, i was just sort of there). kerplunk.

and we had missed the first band, and the second band, wau-wau sisters took the stage. and no one danced, because they were too hip for such things. a few people would self-consciously bob their heads. and this lack of dancing (or movement) also may have been because the band was not the most sonically pleasing. musically they sucked big time. but as performance art, they were pretty fucking rad. and i was sort of expecting the worst, thinking that le tigre would be something similar.

but thank fucking god, they came out, and rocked the place. rocked in the rocking sense of the word. they cranked the volume, making it about 4 times as loud, made it darker, and just rocked. loud music, no matter what it is, makes people dance more. and when it is good dancey rock, with lots of fun beats, and a slighty trippy video show, then people start shaking those limbs. and we all danced and had so much fun. and the band totatlly exceeded my expectations and i was even maybe a little impressed, save for a few lame lyrics like: "the blacks didn't get reparations while we were on vacation." okay, you fucking white broads, singing to an entirely white audience, why don't you fucking quit being such dumbass patronizing motherfuckers. but, i loved you guys anyways - you were real rad music.

and, then i had to leave about halfway through their set, which i was so sad about and totally didn't want to leave, but fucking fuckitty shit, the goddamn metro stops running at twelve for some motherfucking reason. and goddamn, why didn't i drive? rebecca decided to stay and was going to sleep at bluebird's apartment - rebecca tried to convince me to do the same, but as much as i loved dancing to le tigre, and as much as i did not want to have to leave, i even more so did not want to have to stay with the very weird bluebird. for motherfucking sake, i don't even know this kid's real name. what the fuck is bluebird? that sounds like someone's lameass d-land code name, but oh no, this is someone's out loud name, god damn no, i will take the fucking metro, catch you later becks.

and i rode the metro home, feeling real silly with these huge x's on my hands, like a real proud straightedge kid or something. and i didn't want people to see them. i put my hands in my pockets.

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