Friday, February 22, 2002

two sad things

first, talking to rebecca on im, i find out that she is leaving next friday for about three weeks to go on some taco bell tour of truth all around the country, which good for her and all, but i will be so sad and lonely without rebecca. and she's like, what, didn't i tell you about this? um, no you didn't rebecca. and then after that she will be back in va for about a week before she jaunts off to live on a farm, another thing she just told me about. and part of the reason, i got a job at yes, was because i thought it'd be cool to work in eastern market, cause that's where rebecca works. dude, now i don't want to stay in virginia at all. i think i might go crazy without rebecca. gary will seriously kill me if i leave yes now after he rearranged the schedule and was real nice and hired me again. but, i just emailed someone who is looking for kids to work in panama city for the spring break crowd, and i'm going to look for other things to do to, i guess. this is so upsetting.

second sad thing: appearantly ponyluv is killing off her diary because of some dickhead guestbook stalker, and that made me really sad after talking to rebecca and going to ponyluv's site and seeing: "the end."

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