Wednesday, February 6, 2002

one mic

okay, i am liking nas more and more with each song i hear. "ether" was pretty damn impressive. than i heard "got ur self a gun," and dude, that was even fucking better. but last night, i was riding in my car, and i heard the most amazing hip-hop song i have heard in the longest time. it reminded me so much of eric b. and rakim's old shit, sounding somewhat lo-fi but also filled with booyaka lyrical skills. i drove around the block, arriving home before the song was over, wanting to hear the rest, and hopefully find out who the artist was. well, it was nas, and the song was "one mic." i am getting very tempted to buy the new nas album. the song so fucking rocks. i am in the process of downloading audio galaxy right now just so i can download "one mic." it is so refreshing. the hip hop stations usually play s-h-i-t captial s shit, aka nelly, missy, or ja rule - something with souped up beats and dumb lyrics. and so to hear a real simple beat and smart lyrics is so surprising. turn up the radio, so excited, that rare time when it's a dj mix session and the dj will mix in mos def, bahamadia, or grand puba or some cool old shit like tribe or slick rick. and yeah yeah, this is what hip hop is supposed to be. hip hop is life. bob your heads, get your hands up. and queen latifah spells it out for us: u-n-i-t-y. and we'll shake our asses to resignifyed beats, bob our heads in agreement with ryhmed truths, and know that we are part of something great. "all i need is one mic. it's all i ever needed in this world. fuck cash. all i need is one mic. fuck the cars; the jewelry. all i need is one mic. spread my voice to the whole world."

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