Wednesday, February 13, 2002

and i all really want is ____________. (fill in the blank! for real! what do you want? ask yourself.

i usually listen to music while i am on the computer and writing these silly diary entries. right now i am listening to alanis' jagged little pill, and shut the fuck up bonnie, i really dig this album. but, i love it a little too much to be trying to do anything else while listening to it - like writing an entry. i keep singing along and cranking it, and yelling, and fuck yeah. but, i feel like my writing is being shaped by alanis' wails. this is always the case - that my writing reflects what i'm listening to when i write these. usually i listen to sade or gillian welch or tom petty and it works out pretty well, but i feel like alanis is not working so well, but whatever, i'm going to keep listening to this album.

and yes, that may seem like a real lame opening - like why the fuck don't i just start writing already, right? but, i sat here with this empty box on my screen for a good ten minutes listening to "all i really want" a couple of times.

okay, so to the subject of my day today: i don't want to dissect everything today / i don't mean to pick you apart, you say / but i can't help it / and there i go jumping before the gunshot has gone off

okay, that's the fucking end of this. i'm going to change the album and start all over, i obviously cannot multi-task.

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