Friday, February 8, 2002

treasure this island

work today was blah blah and then some more blahs. i was very much so the popular image of an american worker today. homer simpson daydreaming the day away and waiting for work to end. visions of sugarplums, duff beer, and doughnuts dancing in my head. okay, and also occasional visions of marky mark and other cute boys. this ain't fucking prime time television. no standards of decency have to be upheld. visions of hot sex and cocks shooting semen and other dirty thoughts to wile away the minutes that seemed like hours. i had to be at work at eight this morning and at eight o' one, i was already checking the clock to see how much longer before i could leave - how much longer until 4fucking:30. i so don't want to be a worker, getting paid to basically sit somewhere. occupy space. the american workforce (from my admittedly limited encounters with it, during my few retail jobs) is a workforce that dreads work. everyone, myself included, is hoping/knowing that we will shortly strike it big. winning the lottery. selling that novel that we still have yet to start writing to some big publishing house. or just somehow. we're not too concerned with the logistics of it all - the hows and whys, after all, we're americans - we don't concern ourselves with such things - we just know that in the near future we will be wealthy and no longer have to fret over monetary concerns. with getting paid seven dollars an hour to steam and froth milk to pour into some asshole's cafe mocha. we will forget that we were once concerned with such issues as economic inequality and an equal distribution of wealth. we will have an economic position commensurate with our self-perceived talent. we are pirates. we will somehow discover buried treasure. i mean, we have to - tom sawyer fucking did it. in the meantime, we are just biding our time in low-wage jobs, smiling through our teeth at dickheads like you, who try to make small talk. we don't need to spit in your drink or shortchange you to feel better about ourselves - we content ourselves with the knowledge that the revolution is coming.

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