Sunday, February 24, 2002

a man bought some grapefruit today and complained about the price - i could not help but get nostalgic thinking about picking grapefruits off of peopl

i've heard bad things about the hunan king. he's a bad, bad man. or, so i've been told. whenever anyone takes a break at work, john warns them time and time again to steer clear of the hunan king - that the food there will make you sick. appearantly he got sick a couple months ago, and intends to never forgive the soveriegn of hunans. and not wanting to get sick, i always take his advice and stay away from the hunan king. i wandered around eastern market during my break, looking at all the vendors, looking at overpriced tomatos that did not look in season, looking at bad flea market art, looking at all the young, happy couples. for some reason, there seemed to be an insane amount of gay male couples. i come to eastern market all the time and i swear to god, i never notice this many gay couples. maybe it was just something about the weather today that drew them. or maybe i am just extremely lonely and was a lot more attentive to their prescence.

i walked past hunan king - the place was completely empty - i felt so sad for them - i kind of wanted to go and give them some business - but i wasn't so much in the mood for chinese and still somewhat wary of john's ominous warnings. so, i went to sizzling express, where the salad bar is by the pound. i bought .94 lbs of food. i then ate it. duh, what else am i going to do with it?

back at work, the peanut butter machine broke. and some cute granola boy came and bought so much food from the bulk section, and he had red hair, and fatigue pants, and an americorps sweatshirt. he looked gay, but such things are always up in the air. and he needed help with the pb machine. pb and j. peanut...peanut butter! ... and jelly! dude, i want to eat pb and j sandwiches with you. it could be the best pb and j you've ever eaten. but i didn't say this, of course, i just tried to fix the machine for him, and settled for silly small talk with him - but he had the biggest grin ever, and he was sooo cute. and of course, i could not get the pb machine to work since i am a grade a klutz which also means that i am not at all good with fixing shit (i am good with breaking shit), and granola boy left with his bulk foods. i so hope granola boy comes back into the store. most of the people that come there are regulars and i recognize them and know a few names, and hopefully (fingers crossed), granola boy will soon become addicted to the yes, and i will then have numerous stalking opportunities.

i fell asleep on the metro home, totally konked out. woke up when everyone got off at huntington. came home, watched the simpsons and malcolm in the middle with my parents. well, with my mom. my dad didn't really watch it. he just sort of sat there, falling asleep and occasionally waking up to read the paper. then i went jogging, and jogged past the construction site for this sunrise retirement community that they are building near my house. the complex was pretty much all built - but not to the point where they had locking doors on it yet. so, i decided to take a little adventurooney and snuck through the fence, and covertly made my way to the future complex for old folks. i then found an unlocked door and started wondering the halls, sort of really terrified that i would be caught. looking in all the rooms. climbing stairs. super quiet, but the place was lit, but empty and it so felt like the shining, when bobby is riding his big wheels down all the halls.

after spending far too long wandering around sunrise, i jogged back home, and watched queer as folk, which i am really loving. and i used to hate the show. but it has definitly grown on me and i really look forward to watching new episodes. maybe my tastes are getting worse. or maybe i just really enjoy watching something about cute gay boys. maybe both. maybe today there were about eight million dudes that i seriously looked at in a desirous way, coveting their bodies. maybe i am getting tired. maybe the end.

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