Friday, February 22, 2002

i really need to find a hobby to occupy my free time

today, i shaved my head with the clippers. i was planning on taking a shower right after, and so was naked in the bathroom, listening to the cure, and buzzing hair off the top of my head. when i was done buzzing my head, i for some reason buzzed a bit of my pubes. and, i don't know why i thought it would be fun now, but at the time i thought it would be sort of fun to shave my pubic hair. and so, i did. and then i thought it would be fun to take pictures of the sink full of floating hair, and to maybe take some kiddie porn type pics in my wood-paneled basement. so, i run and grab my camera and of course, i have no color film. so, i try loading a black and white roll, and realize that my motherfucking camera is for some reason not working. the shutter release and the film advance were not working, and so the film would not load. and the battery wasn't dead. so, i might have to take it to get it fixed, which i ain't so happy about.

i then thought that i might as well go for the total hairless thing. and started shaving my legs. it took so fucking long, but i felt like i had to shave them once i shaved a bit of them. i really wished i would never have started, because it seriously took like over an hour. oh, and i shaved my armpits too. and don't ask me why i did this. there really was no reason at all, and no i am sort of regretting it because i am itching everywhere that i shaved. it feels sort of cool to stick my hand down my pants and feel skin where there used to be hair, but other than that, this has been totally not worth it, especially since my camera is broken and i can't even take the kiddie porn pics.

and then after that whole dealy, i went to the newstand/porn store that is far less scary than going into the actual huge porn store, mvc, which is like the wal-mart of porn stores. this newstand is a lot tinier, and has far less moments of trying not to make eye contact with the other pervs. and all the gay porn looked like crap, so i got a copy of my favorite porn mag, which i haven't read since like high school. hustler is everything a porn mag should be. and it has a cool political slant, which is also pretty rad. why is there no gay equivalent of hustler? why are gay porn mags so not hot? and then, i thought that if i ever come into a bundle of money, i want to publish a real good and sleazy gay porn mag. cho yesterday asked me if i had any dreams. i said no, and babbled some bullshit about trying not to think linearlly and living in the moment, but i think i can now say that i have a dream.

i bought some dishwashing detergent at the wal-mart. the star that is between the wal and the mart on the light up sign on the front of the store was not lit. the bulb must have burnt out. it seemed sort of sad that the star was burnt out. why can't the wal and the mart burn out, and just leave a bright shining star up there?

and the rest of my night was just as uneventful. recapitulation is so not utilitarian. cut and paste is the way to go:

eleuthura [rebecca]: mmm....charlie, i'm so bored...are you bored out of your mind right now??
Indigopig [me, duh]: why are you so bored
Indigopig: i was real bored earlier, and so hoping that my friend sarah would call me back so i could escaper my house
Indigopig: but no, i've resigned myself to a night of doing nothing
Indigopig: i might go jogging in a while, but i always feel weird about jogging real late at night here
eleuthura: yeah, i was having a real fun night, but i knew i was gonna be sooo bored when everyone whnt to sleep...and i tried to call kim and maggie etc to see what they were up to and to go over there, but they didn't answer either of maggie's phones, so now i'm bored
eleuthura: yeah i was thinking of waking up early and going jogging
eleuthura: my sister and i went rollar blading from about 10 to 11 and it was sooo fun!!
Indigopig: thats cool, i for some dumb reason put my rolllerblades on the free table last year
Indigopig: and i really wanted them now, cause my mom goes rollerblading all the time
Indigopig: god, rollerblades would be so fun right now, i think i might buy another pair soon
Indigopig: or maybe a skateboard, and i could try to be a skater. key word: try
eleuthura: yeah, i hadn't used my rollar blades in sooo long and it was sooo fun, fer real...yeah dude though, it would be fun to be a skater...i think i'
eleuthura: d
eleuthura: probably get frustrated with it though, because every time i've tried to skate board i've been soooo sooo real bad at it
Indigopig: yeah i pretty much have really sucked too every time i have tried
Indigopig: i look like the little skater groupie girl who trys very badly to ride the skater boy's skateboard
Indigopig: and looks like a dog trying to drive a car or something real silly
eleuthura: yeah, i just look like a fuckin idiot, ya know
Indigopig: yeah, i know

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