Friday, February 22, 2002

are you an american?

this is going to be breif and rapidly written cause i need to go to power video before they close.

today at work, a woman remembered me asking her about metro card sleeves, after seeing hers, and she brought me one. that made my day.

i talked to kathy forever - the coolest fifty year old i know. she was working today, and that made me so excited, because we always had so much fun talking over the summer. salome, who used to work there, is now in china getting paid to be a lounge singer. that seems so wild and makes me really want to spread my wings beyond dc.

this silly old, spanish european man asked me i was an american. he then asked me if i was in the army, because of my close-cropped hair not jokingly. i think maybe having close-cropped hair makes look like more a latino or something, i don't know.

rebecca came to visit me. that made me smile for a while. silly rhymes, whoo!

i left a message for sarah to call me so we could hang out tonight, and of course, she never called me back, and so now it is ten thirty and i feel like i can't call her because i will wake up her parents. and god, this is so silly, now i am stuck at home, bored silly, and about to make a trip to the video store. i really need to make some more friends or leave virginia.

i got off work at 9, got to huntington and my car at 9:40, and sat in my car for twenty minutes because i am the cheapest person i know. after ten, you don't have to pay for parking. and the parking fee is $2.25. dude, i can sit and wait in my car for twenty minutes and save 2.25. but, i wasn't the only cheapskate, there were about ten other nice cars with businessy people driving them, waiting so they wouldn't have to pay. while waiting, i ate the box of sushi that i stole from work and listened to mixed 107.3, which played bryan adams' "heaven," which for some reason sounded so so good. i think i might dowload it later tonight. i mean, it's not like i have much else to do.

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