Thursday, February 7, 2002

luke and his calves are still single

today i worked for a whoping two full hours. i was so mad, it was the biggest waste of my time ever. they are dumb as dirt there, had nothing for me to do, and so sent me around the store with a map to learn where things are. i finished in about ten minutes, sat around for a while, told them i was done, and they told me that i could go home. i think i'm going to hate working there big time. while i was waiting in the backroom, for my "training" (aka handing me a map of the store) to start, i had to listen to these three white broads, talking about "friends." one was going to get off work in time to watch it. the other two were jealous and wanted her to tape it. here is me shooting myself: bang bang bang. sometimes white people are so fucking dumb. dude, how come they aren’t getting billyclubbed just because? these kids were for real excited about "friends" and not in an even slightly ironic way.

so i wandered around the store with my stupid map, thinking that my intelligence could be put to better use than doing this stupid activity. fuck this shit, my intelligence could be put to better use than working at fucking barnes and nobles with these idiots. i looked at leonard peltier's book, some html books, the fiction section, making a mental list for myself of books to read. after doing this for what seemed like an insane amount of time, i told them i was done, and went to go sit in the stupid break room to wait for my trainer to get his head out of his ass. while waiting, i sat there quietly and listened to the b and n breakroom gossip. there was some thirtyish gay man that was reading "attitude," and i was so disgusted that he was not embarrassed to be reading such a lame magazine. okay, so we actually had a copy of it at our house last semester, but that was just because we stole tons of magazines, and i didn't read it seriously, i read it like the asswipe it was and is. and why the hell was this dude reading this in public and without any shame? the lucky “friends” girl was about to clock out, and the gay guy reminded her to watch "will and grace." i don't know what was wrong with me - i forgot that i was at my place of employment and forgot that normal civilities should be extended to co-workers even if they are lame. but anyways, i gave him a look of disgust, with my mouth real wide open, like what the fuck is wrong with you? he noticed my look, and i quickly averted my eyes, and started reading the paper sitting in front of me.

the stupid trainer got his head out of his ass, and told me there wasn't much else to do. bang bang bang. so, i left for home and stopped at the thrift store on the way home, picking up some really fun tapes to listen to in my car:
-chris isaak, "wicked games" single
-tracy chapman
-lynard skynard, one more from the road
-journey, captured
-helen reddy, long hard climb, an album that is no longer even available. they had so many old seventies tapes that you'd never see anywhere. the tapes are in really weird cassette cases, too. they close and open like the video cases of blockbuster videos, and the cases are an opaque white, with the cover pasted to the front of the case.

i then came home and looked for a needle and thread so i could sew up a pair of pants. my mom, so not the martha stewart, gave me a look like i had asked her if we had any dog poo, when i asked her if we had any sewing needles. so, i went up to wal-mart, bought a pack of needles. sewed up a pair of black pants while watching "true life" on mtv. tomorrow, i start working in the cafe and we have to wear black pants and a white shirt. i think i am going to start looking for another job because so far the people at barnes and nobles seem real lame. there has got to be a place that is hiring with a somewhat hipper staff. well, i have to work at eight fucking o clock tomorrow morning, so i'm going to go catch some z's.

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