Wednesday, February 6, 2002

a trip hop kind of day

the first time i saw marky mark when i was in florida last weekend, i talked to him about dave eggers, and he said that he had read his book over break, and that he did not like it, saying it was too introspective. that seemed like a lame reason not to like it, and perhaps it was just poor word choice, but that was on my mind today - wondering why the most beautiful boy in the world would not like mister eggers.

woke up at one something, still feeling the soreness in my throat - the just bordering on sickness feeling - and i just wanted to get hardcore sick, so i could work on getting better, instead of being in this almost state of sickness, feeling like yuck. i took a two hour bath, listening to ella fitzgerald and when that cd ended, to portishead's dummy.

bath felt nice. cleaned and felt and stroked each area of my body. plunging my entire body into the tub, having to curl up in a weird position to accomplish this, since i am quite a lot taller than the actual bathtub. but i got it done, submerging my body. charlie the u-boat, seeking out allied ships. emerging from the water, ears draining of the water that filled it during my little underwater expedition. lie there on my back, looking at my feet, at my tiny, floating penis, at my knees poking out of the water. rubbing water over my legs. splashing it against my face. warmth. i could have sat in the tub all day long, except the water had reached a coldness that was starting to get uncomfortable. so, i got out, dryed myself, and put on some clothes.

i then went to target, because i wanted some tweezers and a facial mask. i pocketed the snazzy tweezers, and bought the facial mask. while in this shopping center, i went to starbucks and got a big cup of coffee. and i went to subway, got a spicy italian sub, pretty much giving up on the vegetarian thing. the boy that made my sub was super cute stuff and somewhat gay looking. and he tried to be real funny and said "spicy italian" in an exaggerated italian accent. it wasn't so much funny, as it was cute. and i am so glad that i will be working in the same shopping center as this boy cause i will be walking over to subway very often from barnes and nobles hoping that this boy is working. subway boy, you will be mine.

anyways, i smiled and laughed through my teeth at his joke, paid for my sub and left. drove home listening to jazz on wpfw. plucked my unibrow at home with my snazzy new tweezers. went jogging for a real long time, feeling so fucking good. completely out of breath - the cold air forcing me to breathe harder, snot dripping from my nose. wanted to stop and rest. but didn't. jog jog jog. you can do it, it'll feel so good if you just keep pushing yourself. and it did, when i was done, i had that runner's high. endorphines released, and body feeling so so wonderful. drank some cold water. then once my body temperature returned to normal, or to its normally chilly condition, i made myself some tea, and started listening to blue states' nothing changes under the sun, which i am still listening to now. it's an album i burned last year, but have never really listened to, but right now, i am really loving it.

i just drank two cups of sleepy time tea, hoping to calm myself from the gigantasize coffee i drank at eight something pm. the good people of the world do not consume t-rex size cups of coffee at eight something o'clock on weekday nights. they do their taxes or read harlequin romance novels or something sensible. coffee late at night is grade-a not sensible. i was sort of getting real jittery and almost panicky tonight. this was a big reason that i was able to jog for so long tonight without stop. and the sleepytime tea is not counteracting the effects of the caffeine, but merely giving me some weird high, allowing me to listen to this blue states album over and over again. it's called the stegasaurous rock. it's the dance we do, when we are somewhat hazy and drowsy (the sleepytime tea), when we weigh a couple of tons and are a slow-moving reptile, but also have that pre-historic dino energy (the caffeine). i may crawl real slow, but dude watch out when i swing my tail, cause that shit can move like none other.

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