Wednesday, October 12, 2005

and we'll laugh and toast to nothing and splash our empty glasses down

I am on a lonely road and I am travelling, travelling, travelling, travelling. Looking for something - what can it be? Oh I hate you some. I hate you some. I love you some.

Where did this love of Joni Mitchell suddenly spring from? And more particularly, one song, "All I Want," which I have been listening to on repeat on and off for the last three, four days. I know twenty somethings that live in New York City, Williamsburg no less, in the early part of the twenty-first century are not supposed to be listening to such earnest stuff, but I cannot help it, and nor do I want to help it.

I saw Wynne Greenwood and K8 Hardy's performance at Foxy tonight and it was nice to be out there listening to all this talk of art out in the light mist and the cool air with people I get so happy to see. I am about to go out to the Metropolitan to see some more of those people. Of course, I am listening to Joni Mitchell before I go, and maybe this is why Ben said he had never heard me so calm, so mellow. Maybe that's the reason, and maybe it's because I am stressed about some things and so don't want to think about them and just want to sleep and so I am tired even though I shouldn't be or maybe it's because my body is physically exhausted from going out every night or maybe Joni or maybe something or or or because it's life and something about giving yourself to the tide, not fighting it.

PS - Sometimes photos decontextulized are gorgeous objects. And, oh my God, look at this one.

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