Saturday, October 15, 2005

big hands - i know you're the one

You see, I didn't think I was that drunk this evening when I left Royal Oak in search of a Sparks, but as the walk ended up being longer than I hoped since there were no bodegas in close proximity, I realized that no way did I need another drink and then I also realized that I should just go home because no way would I have gone back to the bar, as fun as it was, and not end up buying more drinks with money I don't have, and coming home yet again grossly drunk at four in the morning and waking up an hour before I had to leave for work.

And so, instead, I just ate the bag of cheddar popcorn of Adele's that I just bought for her a couple hours ago and wrote a missed connection for this boy, Brendan, whom I really maybe kind of like. I think Paul might hate me because I left without saying goodbye because I didn't think I was actually going home and ended up texting him when I neared home saying I wasn't going back. Morrissey Boy was at Royal Oak and came up to Paul and I, said a brief hi to me and then talked pretty much exclusively to Paul and danced with him pretty exclusively while I was there, sort of obnoxiously ignorning me. He looked really cute like he always does and ignored me pretty much as he always does. I ignored it and closed my eyes and rocked out to what else, The Smiths. Along with LCD Soundsytem ("Losing My Edge"!), Violent Femmes, and other amazing songs with my eyes closed, danced like a maniac, ignorning whatever lack of social grace was going on around me, smoked a bunch of poorly rolled cigarettes, and then finally left for that Sparks before never returning.

I was really sad that Ben had left at Capone's and not come along also to dance with me so I didn't have to dance so close to Morrissey Boy who most likely hates me. I love having Ben in town and know that I hang out with other people when he is not in town, but I couldn't imagine doing so now, and maybe Ben is lucky in the fact that he is here only for these brief instances and so I never get tired of him, bored of him, and think every moment is really exciting when he is around. But I sort of don't think so. I think he might just be that awesome.

PS - White cheddar popcorn is amazing. Other things: Cigarettes when drunk, The Smiths when drunk and when played loud, not having to carry an umbrella, cute boys, awesome new roommates, and last but not least, adhesive tape!

PPS - I gave my number to some annoying boy last night because I was too drunk, too tired to think of a fake one or an excuse not to and he sent me a text message today saying, "Hey this is Phil. We met last night but i cant put a face 2 name.what were u wearing? Was i really sloppy n gross?! Don't remember." Yes, sloppy and gross and graceless and never getting a response from me. Ever.

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