Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm at work right now, and therefore, going to miss the sure to be thrilling Deitch opening, along with an opening at David Zwirner and many other things. But I cannot tell you that I am not happy to be here on the twelfth floor of this builing in SoHo, looking out over the gray and cloudy sky, the industrial buildings and the Hudson River. Perhaps I should mention that my boss just played an Aimee Mann song. Surely, that is helping this mood. My thoughts are wandering to music and wondering why dj's can't play good music - that everyone djs on fucking cds nowadays and so surely, they could download anything and burn it to a disc, but they don't, it's the same stuff everytime I go out. And I am also thinking about a boy, Brendan, Brandon, not sure which, whom I met, and whom I think is pretty cute. I love music, sad music on rainy days when your body feels like crap and you've got to much caffeine in you, too much unexpressable love and little else.

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