Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Three days ago, I had about thirty dollars left to my name, and yet have gone out the past two nights to bars and came home pretty drunk, surely drinking big bottles of cheap beer before going out helps this situation, and I have eighteen dollars to my name right now. I will have about three hundred by Friday and just need to get two hundred between now and then to pay my rent. And oh yeah, I am going out tonight and probably most nights until Sunday when Ben leaves. I am going to see Destroyer and the New Pornographers tonight and I am so excited as the hour approaches.

I have been sleeping a lot lately since moving into my new room and I am not sure if it is because my bed is so comfortable, because the sunlight no longer hits my window at exactly nine on this side of the builing, because the weather is getting cooler and darker, or if it is because I am mildly depressed about unspecified things.

Because I think it is the later and my body hasn't been feeling too good with all this drinking I have been doing all summer long and because going out to bars has not brought me love, or even frequent sex, I am resolving to stop going out once Ben leaves town. This doesn't eliminate the possibility of a bottle of wine and movies, but yeah, no more binge drinking at bars for a while after Sunday. So maybe I'll see you tonight at No. 1 depending on what time the show lets out and maybe I'll see you somwhere else tonight and maybe I'll see you at some bars later this week, but beyond that, if you want to hang out with me, you better like one of these: movies, Scrabble, other exciting board games, walking to the water, eating. Seriously.

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