Friday, October 28, 2005

I got way drunker than I should have, considering I am on lots of cold medicine, and feel pretty fucking fucked up right now. I talked to Merlin (aka lastnightspary) at the show for a really long time. The opening band was pretty good. JD Samson's new side project was not so good, and of course, after suffering through them, it would be them and not the Gossip who had the sound system working. Four songs through The Gossip's set, the sound system went kaput. It wasn't working that good anyway. It was way too much feedback and you couldn't really hear Beth too clearly, but it was danceable and fun, but the fucking soundsystem blew out and that was the end of the show. I told Beth, she gave me a good Halloween story and she gave me a big, wet, sweaty kiss on the cheek.

After sticking around for the Troma film party, getting way too drunk off another open bar and smoking way too many cigarettes and being way too ba-lige, I ended up going to this new gay bar in my neighborhood, Fun, run by the same people who run the Cock. I went with this pack of people whom I didn't really know and lost them pretty much as soon as I got there. I got way more drunk and talked to various boys, a couple of whom I wanted to bring home with me, and toward the end of the night ended up sitting on a bench, avoiding this one boy and watching the go-go boy dance in his jockstrap, and it is that memory that I am about to go jackoff to right now.

There is also that boy, whom I want to make out with so bad. Him, the go-go boy, and this boy in a white hoodie, Anthony. Oh, masturbation fantasies, I am so excited.

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