Thursday, October 27, 2005

I can't help all these updates because in the words of Clint, I am gellin'. I ran into him at Walgreens in the cold medicine section, this after ten minutes of me walking around Walgreens in a daze wondering why it was I had come there. He asked me if I was gellin' and I didn't get it and they he said geltabs, and said he had taken them too, and man, these Dayquil geltabs fuck you up. I have been walking around feeling stoned for the past couple of hours. I was looking at the drowsy antihistamines because they were cheap, but saying I shouldn't get them because they'll make me sleepy. Clint said we could order coke and I am pretty certain he was serious. It's always hard to tell with him, though. At some point he also talked about how cheap the lube was and we had a lube conversation across the aisle really loudly, both under the spell of geltabs, and an Orthodox Jewish lady walked past us and we both felt naughty.

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