Thursday, October 27, 2005

I get nervous, waking up and seeing a banner headline on, fearing something's been bombed but then I read the headline, "Bush's Pick for Supreme Court Withdraws," and with wicked glee root that Bush takes another lashing. That he cannot even gain the support of his own party members. And knowing that this came after the 2,000th soldier died in Iraq and he took a lashing for that, and that most likely within the next two days, things are only going to get worse and hopefully Rove and Libby will be indicted like the criminals they are. It is lovely to watch someone fall apart in such dramatic fashion, someone who seemed to never get scratched despite numerous debacles.

But then again, this probably also means that someone far more awful is going to be nominated in place of Miers, that if all these conservatives opposed her, maybe she was the best we could hope for from Bush.

My sickness is waning and the evidence of this is in the more musical nature of my dreams. When I was first falling asleep, I heard noises in the living room and was convinced someone was robbing us and I thought to how I would escape the situation, imagined fighting off this intruder and how we were particularly vulnerable, not having a working cellphone in the apartment to call the police. That was around eleven when the sickness was still intense. Early this morning, I had a dream about shopping in a very specific Super Wal-Mart with my sister for groceries. This Super Wal-Mart is not one that exists but it is one that I know, one that I have dreamed about before, the layout is unlike anything that could ever be realized, even by Wal-Mart. It is a massive maze of merchandise, probably about three times the size of a Super Wal-Mart, but when you get to the end of what normally be one of these stores, the opposite side of the grocery section, past all the clothes, past the electronics, past the hardware, past the toys, the sporting goods, past the garden stuff, you walk down this tunnel sort of area and the merchandise suddenly gets better, more pricey at least. But anyway, I was with my sister in the grocery section and I had two boxes of cereal and something else in my arms, and told her I would be right back, and snuck away through the entire store to go the pricey area because it was where I thought the Cliff bars were which I wanted to steal a few of, and I did not want my sister to see me stealing them.

After the long walk there, I got there, only to discover that it was just hardware back there, and that there were no Cliff bars. So I walked back through the store, I had left the boxes of cereal somewhere and would need to get them again. I ran into my sister, who was looking for me, in the clothing section. And one song was just ending over the loud speaker, and the next song started to come on and immediately, I said "Oh my god, do you know what song this is? I love this song!!!" and started to dance through the aisles as we walked to get more cereal. The song was Aretha Franklin's "Rock Steady," and I was a dancing fool. My sister was pretty mortified and trying to get me to stop, but I simply pointed out to her that I was not the only one dancing. And right at that moment, a family walked past us with their shopping cart, all of them dancing in line, like ducks except awesome and dancing. And everyone in the store was dancing to this song as they were shopping and I pointed to them and suddenly my sister was no longer moritifed and danced also.

Other evidence that my sickness is waning is that my snot is more of a solid substance that blows out my nose pretty easily, rather than a drippy faucet of goo.

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