Friday, October 14, 2005

Music geeks, I really need some help. So last night at the New Pornographer show, I heard this song and I have heard it before, but am not sure where, what album, or even the song title. But I really liked it, and thought to myself that I wanted to stitch this one line from the song on to the front of a t-shirt. However, now I cannot even think of what that lyric was or other lyrics from the song, or even the name of the song. I have just briefly skipped through all the tracks on Electric Version and did not hear it in my cursory listening. So the clue:

The line was something along the lines of: We've got the right to feel(alt. show) hurt (alt. pain), [indecipherable] heart (alt. hurt.)

I know that is probably the worst clue ever, but if you can help me, you would be smarter than Google and that is saying a lot.

PS - Someone's photos from last night. Check out the Stevie Nicks dress.

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