Saturday, October 29, 2005

I want to die. I was on the phone with Bonnie till just past six. I love having a good friend on the West Coast - I mean, obviously, I wish she lived here - but when it's late at night and you can't call anyone else, there is this person who it is three hours earlier for and you can call without being too annoying. But yeah and then I didn't fall asleep till about seven. And my phone rung at nine thirty, waking me and then I couldn't sleep well/at all and the few moments I did get of it were filled with awful nightmares that involved nipple abuse (my own) and they were deformed looking utters by the end of my weekend in this hotel and there was lots of blood and a couple of deaths, and maybe this is because I talked to Ethan about The Sluts yesterday, and maybe it is because it is nearing Halloween that I am having such violent dreams. Daniel pinched my nipples last night really hard, and maybe that's a cause also. So yeah, with less than four hours of sleep, feeling painfully hungover, am about to go see what Halloween costume I can assemble from crap. And despite that ham and cheese I ate before going to bed, I am totally ravenous, particulary for more things that involve hot cheese and ham.

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