Monday, October 3, 2005

The Organ are playing a bunch of shows in New York this week, two of which they seem to be the headlining act - this Saturday at Cattyshack and Sunday at Pianos. I will probably go to the Pianos show since it is a music venue and I've never been to Cattyshack and normally think bands sound awful when they play in bars. Either way, I am excited.

I am also really excited because Hannah let me borrow her copy of Benjamin Kunkel's Indecision, which I have been salivating over for a couple weeks now everytime I've gone into a bookstore, wondering whether I should just drop the twenty five and get the book. I have been racing through The Anatomy Lesson and should be through with it later this evening and then I can start the much hyped Indecision. Then the next books on my plate are Zadie Smith's On Beauty and Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking, and I plan on buying the Didion book, racing through it, and returning it for the Smith book. Or at least, that's the plan now. The amount of books out there that I need to read is totally staggering sometimes when I contemplate it. I sort of hate people that don't read books. I need to get a job at a bookstore again so I can have people to talk to about the things I read since no one seems to read good books that I know.

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