Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I could feel the dryness in the back of my throat last night as I was getting ready to go bed, and prayed that it wouldn't happen, that that wasn't the first sign of being sick. My prayers did no good. I woke up with the sorest throat, the dizzyiest head, and have pretty much spent all except for three hours of this day in bed. I sort of love how when you are sick, you are always bordering on delirium - I assume other people are also, or this might just be further evidence of how far I deviate from what is normal, because half my day awake is spent having waking dreams, imagining crazy things and this could be because I am reading a book that talks a lot about Blake, or it could just be because I am sick. That is pretty much the only part I love about being sick. I do not love the sore throat, the coughing bordering on dry heaving, the tiredness, the inability to have a conversation, or to be unable to listen to someone without getting into zombie mode and wondering what the hell they are saying.

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